GV hosts Homecoming celebrations


A student gets lifted as part of the lip syncing competition. Alumni were also encouraged to return to speak at the GVSU Through the Years luncheon. GVL \ Meghan Landgren

Kylie Elwell, Staff Reporter

Homecoming week was in full swing this past week on Grand Valley State University’s Allendale campus. Students, faculty, staff and alumni gathered at numerous festivities that led up to the GVSU versus Davenport football game Saturday, Oct. 26.

Organizations and buildings on campus put together many activities for everyone to attend and participate in throughout the week. This gave students and staff opportunities between and after classes to enjoy their homecoming week. Alumni Organizations, Campus Life, the Mary Idema Pew Library and more held activities and events. 

There was a plethora events for GVSU alumni, allowing them to share their memories and experiences from their time attending the university. On Saturday, Alumni Relations hosted two events: the Alumni Brunch and the GVSU Through the Years Luncheon. 

“Alumni are the main focus of both of these events, but it is open for anyone to attend,” said Courtney Geurink, assistant director of Alumni Relations.

GVL \ Meghan Landgren

Around 50 people attended the brunch and 60 people attended the luncheon to mingle with friends and family and share memories. Khayree Williams, Meaghann Myers-Smith, Naveen Kamireddi and Alison McManus Walters all spoke on a panel of alumni about their personal study abroad experiences and memories during the “Reflections on Global Education” themed brunch.

Louie at the Library and the Library Texting Service were both a big hit within the library for students and campus visitors. Every year the Mary Idema Pew Library in Allendale and the Steelcase Library on Pew Campus showcase an activity that demonstrates how the automated storage and retrieval systems of the libraries work.

“It’s at least the second year we’ve done the texting service, it’s been pretty successful and people seem to really like it,” said User Experience Librarian Kristin Meyer. “The library tying itself into homecoming week is fun for staff and students, it’s really fun to see how the library can connect itself into the festivities and events.”

To end the week of events, there was the crosstown rivalry game between GVSU and Davenport University, along with the homecoming tailgate. Students, alumni and visitors all enjoyed the tailgate and game even though the weather was not the best on Saturday. Lakers ended up taking the win, 27-7.

Each year, Homecoming week is just as festive and fun as the last, introducing new and improved events and activities for everyone to participate in to celebrate school pride.