News Briefs 1/20

Sean Cauvet, News Editor

GV offers free ultrasound scans for future mothers

According to Tatyana Beaves, Program Director of the Abdomen and Obstetrics Gynecology department at Grand Valley State University, the school will now offer free ultrasound scans for moms-to-be.

The requirements for the pregnant volunteers are as follows: a copy of your complete, 20-week ultrasound report and a signed liability waiver that can be downloaded from the GVSU website. In return, the university is able to provide students in the sonography program the ability to gain more experience.

Participants will be scanned in the privacy of the GVSU ultrasound laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment. Ultrasound students will perform the scan under the direct supervision of faculty, all of whom are registered sonographers. Each volunteer experience will last approximately one hour.

Australia welcomes rain with open arms, but the damage is done

The Associated Press reports that Australia’s forests are burning at a rate unmatched in modern times, and scientists say the landscape is being permanently altered as a warming climate brings profound changes to the island continent. Since September, the fires have killed 28 people and burned more than 2,600 houses.

Forests can shift locations over time. However, that typically unfolds over thousands of years, not the decades over which the climate has been warming. Due to these drastic fires, the damage that has been done is irreversible. Thankfully, it started raining last week, putting out most of the fires. Now, Australia is focused on recovery.

GVSU names new associate vice president for Business and Finance

An Jan. 16, Greg Sanial, vice president for Finance and Administration, announced the appointment of Craig Wieschhorster as the university’s new associate vice president for Business and Finance. Wieschhorster previously served as a captain and commanding officer in the United States Coast Guard for 25 years in various positions involving leadership, budgeting, resource management, performance metrics and operations.

“I am certain that Craig’s leadership and experience will be a great fit and a tremendous asset for the business and finance team, and the entire university, as we move forward supporting President Mantella’s vision and new initiatives,” Sanial said.

The university was assisted by the firm DHR International throughout the search and interview process. Wieschhorster replaces Brian Copeland, who is retiring Jan. 30.

Copeland earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Western Michigan University and is also a certified public accountant. Prior to joining GVSU in 2007, he served as director of finance and administration for Display Pack, Inc. of Grand Rapids, with broad leadership experience in purchasing, risk management, human resources, quality control, computer services and logistics.

“Brian’s 13 years of service to Grand Valley have been nothing short of remarkable,” Sanial said. “We are thankful for his steadfast dedication and support to GVSU over the years.”

A retirement celebration for Copeland will take place Jan. 30 in the Kirkhof Center.