Studio Park Movie Theater brings a new element to downtown Grand Rapid


Courtesy / Teri Genovese

Kylie Elwell, Staff Reporter

In October 2019, John Loeks Jr., the owner of Celebration! Cinema, officially opened Studio Park, a movie theater in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. Studio Park movie theater is located on 123 Ionia Ave SW.

Due to the location of the theater, getting dinner and a movie is easy and fun for residents of the area. The theater has traditional concessions, but they also have a full food and drink menu to order from. Studio Park is unique because guests can eat dinner while they enjoy a movie. The space has nine movie screens, a 200-seat concert venue, and a 960-space parking garage.

The area where the theater is located also includes the Studio Park apartment complex, restaurants and retail shops.

“Studio Park brings something new to downtown (because) it’s an accessible, everyday landing spot for people who don’t have a ‘big’ plan or a ‘big’ ticket,” said Public Relations and Community Affairs Employee Emily Loeks.

Parking in the parking garage is convenient and free for movie guests. Employees are able to waive your parking fee when guests present them with their movie and parking ticket. The new space includes theater seats that are able to be heated and reclined, allowing guests to make themselves comfortable during their movie showing.

“Celebration! Cinema at Studio Park is exceeding projections,” Loeks said. “People love the central downtown location, free parking for movie customers and heated recliners. It’s a good place to connect with friends and family and get swept up by a story for a few hours.”

The theater ultimately brings a new form of entertainment to the downtown lifestyle. Adding another fun activity for residents to enjoy while out and about. Movies are enjoyable for all ages, as the theater showcases movies of all genres and ratings.

“The integration of movies, music ( parking, a hotel (coming soon), food, retail and a public outdoor piazza with a giant screen, all work together to enliven the heart of Grand Rapids,” Loeks said.

Student-priced tickets for $10.50 are offered at the theater if they present their student ID to the cashier, making this a fun and affordable experience, especially for college students.