Arts Briefs 2/3

Mary Racette, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Improv team wraps up decade with their first 2020 show

Opening the decade with laughter, GVSU’s improv team Subject to Change held their monthly show in Area 51 at the Kirkhof Center. Feb. 1, Subject to Change performed for the GVSU community for the first time on a Saturday with their “Decade Wrap” show. The group had to stray from their usual Friday show due to the Presidents’ Ball. 

At 8 p.m. Saturday night, all were welcome to enjoy the groups first show of the winter semester. The only charge to get in was $1. Subject to Change performed multiple improv games for the audience, varying in form. At all of their shows, the group strongly encourages audience participation to prompt their games. 

Ann Arbor Film Festival comes to Grand Rapids

The Ann Arbor Film Festival has been a notable Michigan event which screens independent and experimental films. This year from Jan. 20-Feb.1, the Grand Rapids community was given the chance to experience the films featured in the 57th Ann Arbor Film Festival.

The Wealthy Theater in Grand Rapids welcomed the 57th Ann Arbor Film Festival Traveling Tour. In addition to this year’s experimental films, the festival included the program “Almost all ages: A Program for Younger Audiences,” which provided short films and animations which could be enjoyed by all ages in the audience. 

ReACT! starts conversations on stalking

Stalking is a serious threat that college students could potentially be faced with during their time on campus. Sometimes the lines are blurred about what counts as stalking and how it should be handled. GVSU’s theater troupe ReACT! intended to address the topic of stalking and educate peers on how to identify and protect themselves from it. 

In a high energy program, ReACT! encouraged dialogue about stalking in an effort to better students’ understanding of the topic. The purpose was to help students identify a stalker and a target when they see it. On Jan. 29 at Kirkhof Center, students gathered for this free Lib 100/201 approved event for an evening of education and protection.