Laker Life Briefs

Ysabela Golden, Laker Life Editor

CLAS Advising under COVID-19

Coming to the end of Winter semester with registration on the horizon, a lot of students will be needing guidance to put together a schedule that keeps them on track for their academic goals. With COVID-19 putting Grand Valley State University online, however, students can no longer walk in to the CLAS Academic Advising Center to get the help they require.

Fortunately, those who still want to make an appointment while the university is under social distancing protocols can go to or call their office at 616-331-8585 to schedule a virtual or phone conversation with an advisor. Students aren’t required to have or use a webcam during online appointments. If your questions pertain to the new Banner Registration system, try consulting the info page at

Left something in your on-campus residence?

GVSU students were required to vacate their on-campus residence Sunday, March 15 unless they applied (and were approved) for a departure exemption request. As permission to remain in on-campus housing was given only for specific circumstances on a case-by-case basis, the majority of the campus population may have found themselves rushing out the door before their Sunday deadline.

Thankfully, if a student realizes that they’ve left behind an important belonging, or a book they thought was unnecessary has suddenly become required for a class, there’s still an option for retrieval. Even though unapproved students no longer have access to their housing units, students who need to schedule an appointment to get back inside can contact Housing and Resident Life at [email protected] or 616-331-2120 to find a time when they can return to campus.

What to buy for quarantine (other than toilet paper)

Everyone and their mother seems to be stocking up on food and basic household needs to prepare for social distancing, but doctors are recommending that Americans prioritize a few other purchases.

As COVID-19 germs can be destroyed by almost any soap or household cleaner, it’s a good idea to stock up on disinfectants that you can use to clean any frequently-touched household surfaces. For those with at-risk family members who are feeling extra cautious, a solution of nine parts water and one part bleach works especially well. In addition, if someone in your household does contract COVID-19, you’ll want to have both acetaminophen (Tylenol and generic) and ibuprofen (Advil and generic) available. Alternating doses between these two medications is a safer and more effective method to treat fevers and body aches, the primary symptoms of COVID-19.