BREAKING: GV suspends face-to-face classes through rest of semester


Nick Moran, Editor-in-Chief

This story is breaking. New information will be added as it becomes available. 

Update 3:05 p.m.: Club sports at GVSU have been suspended through May 31, per an email sent to club sports officers, student-athletes and coaches. The note encouraged students to cancel any events through that date, and must email request approval for events to be rescheduled after that date.

Grand Valley State University announced that in-person classes would be suspended through April 25, which encompasses the rest of the winter semester, including finals. Spring and summer courses, which will begin May 4, will also begin remotely.

“Our highest priority remains everyone’s health ans safety,” said President Philomena Mantella in an email announcing the circumstances. “This will be challenging, but I know that our diligent faculty and staff will lead our students and the university we love to a successful outcome.”

The email also included information on April’s commencement ceremony, which will be postponed. The announcement noted that graduated would be updated with more information and other options.

Those living on campus will be expected to move out, except for those with “highly exceptional student needs.” Campus Dining will adjust accordingly, but the announcement provided no further details.

GVSU also noted that employees that can work remotely should do so, especially those with children who may be at home do to the outbreak. Those who are deemed essential employees will continue to work on campus, but should practice social distancing and other healthful practices.

“We have never before encountered such uncertainty and anxiety,” Mantella said in the email. “Worry for our families and friends is entirely understandable; indeed, I share it. Know that I have your back… We will get through this together.”