GV Parking Permit Prices Increase for 2020-21 Academic Year


Courtesy / Meghan Landgren

Jacob DeWeerd, Staff Reporter

Grand Valley State University students have seen attendance costs rise in a few areas this year, one of which is on-campus parking. Students can purchase parking permits that allow access to select parking lots on campus without fear of receiving a parking ticket. This year, despite many classes moving to online-only instruction, every parking permit has seen a price increase.

Manager of Facilities Services Chris Swank said the increases in permits are based on additional cost increases. Swank also said COVID-19 did not affect the pricing strategy for parking permits.

“Parking permit prices are based on the debt service and increasing maintenance costs to maintain the parking infrastructure,” Swank said, “To provide an alternative to purchasing a semester pass, we have expanded our pay-to-park options on the Allendale and Pew campuses.”

Pay-to-park lots cost $2.50 per hour with a maximum stay of two hours and day passes are available for some lots at a cost of $10 per day.

With more and more classes moving online, GVSU students are not thrilled with the parking permit price increases.

“I wish they were less expensive because we’re basically all online with no reason to park beside a few in-person classes a week,” said one 3rd-year student, who asked to remain anonymous.

Another 3rd-year student found it hard to swallow the cost of a parking permit if it will not be used for the whole semester.

“Nobody knows if in-person classes will even be a thing a week after school starts, so I’m finding it hard to justify buying one if I would never use it,” they said.

A 4th-year student who works on campus was frustrated with GVSU raising prices and not adding any new parking spaces.

“I find it disappointing that the school is raising prices knowing that people already struggled to pay in years past, especially because parking spots at the already-high price have been hard to find for years,” they said. “As an on-campus employee that does not live near a bus stop, I am basically forced to buy a parking permit.”

There have not been any upgrades or additions to parking spaces on any of GVSU’s campuses this year, but the University is debuting new Laker Line buses. According to GVSU’s Transportation Services website, the Laker Line connects Grand Valley State University’s main campus in Allendale with its downtown campuses on Fulton (Robert C. Pew Campus) and the Health Campus on the Medical Mile.

GVSU also plans to add 600 more parking spaces at 335 Michigan Ave in May 2021, which will help students parking near the Health Campus downtown.

Parking permits can be purchased in-person at the Service Building on the Allendale Campus or at the Eberhard Center on the Pew Campus, as well as online through the Citizen Connect Portal. Student Commuter permits are $240, and Lot J Remote Commuter and Seward Ramp Remote permits are $105. Allendale, Calder, and Pew Resident passes are all $210. All prices are for one semester.