A&E Briefs 10/26

Mary Racette

Relive LaughFest through its new streamable album

For anyone who missed out on the 10th Anniversary of Gilda’s Club LaughFest, a streamable album from The Clean Comedy Showcase is now available. The album titled “Seriously Funny” can be streamed on Pandora or Sirius XM’s Laugh USA Channel. 

The proceeds of “Seriously Funny” will go towards Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids. Gilda’s Club is run entirely on donations and offers free emotional healthcare for anyone who has been affected by cancer or is grieving a loved one who has passed away due to any cause. The nonprofit started LaughFest in 2010 as a fundraiser for their services, 10 years later the event has grown into a community tradition.

Fourteen sets from Four different comedians are featured on “Seriously Funny.” The Clean Comedy Showcase ran from March 5-7 but now selected sets are available for anyone to enjoy for free. 

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In-person improv comedy returns to campus

Subject to Change, GVSU’s improv team, returned for their first in-person performance of the year. On Oct. 23, Subject to Change put on the Improv-o-ween Masktacular. The team performed in the Cook-DeWitt Center, a change of scenery from their usual stage at Area 51 in the Kirkhof Center. While seating was limited due to social distancing guidelines, students were able to finally experience an in-person improv show. 

Improv comedy is a unique form of performance comedy that requires audience participation and performers to think quickly on their feet. Subject to Change’s Halloween special was free to all but asked for a $1 donation. Stickers and shirts were also sold at the event. 

Newly-renovated space houses new thought-provoking artwork

Lake Huron Hall (LHH) on Allendale’s campus has been renovated and has been filled with intentional pieces of art. GVSU’s English and Classics departments are headquartered in LHH. The heads of these departments collaborated with the GVSU Art Gallery to find pieces that would further the goals and values of these departments. One of the goals is to promote visual literacy through the artwork. 

On Oct. 21, anyone was welcome to tune in to the Art Gallery’s Instagram Live and Facebook Live. For a half-hour session, viewers were given a sneak peek at the artwork and renovations to LHH.