GV students celebrate national sandwich day


Courtesy / Which Wich

Elizabeth Schanz, Staff Reporter

Fresh bread, savory meats, unique toppings, melted cheese. Is your mouth watering yet? These components create what we know as the beloved sandwich. This simple creation is celebrated on Nov. 3 in an event known as National Sandwich Day. 

The history of sandwiches extends beyond the brown paper bag of elementary school and back to its alleged origins within the 18th century with its potential namesake John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. N.A.M. Roger, who wrote the earl’s biography, suggested that the Earl of Sandwich consumed his first “bread and cheese,” as it was once called, at his work desk. This meal continues to be a major lunchtime break player even into today.

Even after the national event of Sandwich Day, Grand Valley State University has multiple dining options at both the Allendale and Pew campuses that can help tackle student’s sandwich cravings. The dining options include 42nd Street Delis, Which Wich, Subway, Grille Works, and Erbert and Gerbert’s. The easy access to these options and the ability to use meal plans, dining dollars, or other payment to quickly get meals. 

With so many options on campus, it can be hard to find a favorite. Freshman Sydney Hohlbein said Which Wich on GVSU’s Allendale’s campus is her go-to. She was especially saddened with the recent temporary closure of Which Wich due to new COVID-19 rules across the school. 

 “They have great bread and I feel like they have good options you can’t get tired of,” Hohlbein said. “I especially prefer it over Subway, which my roommate eats all the time and now she’s tired of it.” 

The sandwich has kept its prevalence even to the present-day. The practicality of this meal holds high standing with a college student’s busy life.

“Sandwiches are quick, easy, affordable and filling,” Hohlbein said, testifying to why she thinks sandwiches have been so successful across time. “You get your bread, meat and veggies all in one.”

Junior Zach Bussert said, “The ingredients can stay longer than other foods and there are so many different varieties.”

The option for the financial aspects along with the nutrition of the meal proves to be major factors in its long-term success. With the wide variety of sandwiches across the board, it can be a struggle to find one that directly speaks to your taste buds. In addition to the many options available on campus, the surrounding area of Allendale and Grand Rapids provides many opportunities to try new combinations. Many students recommend chains like Panera Bread, Potbelly sandwiches, and Hop Cat due to their close proximity and overall appeal. 

No matter if you chose to celebrate National Sandwich Day by making your own sandwich, walking to campus dining, going to a restaurant or missing it entirely, the sandwich holds a strong component in the meals today. Do not miss all the sandwich opportunities that are available not only to the community but right here at GVSU.