Semester-in-Review: News

GV announces Veteran Promise, guarantees admission to enlisted 2021 Michigan high school graduates

Kellen Voss

Photo courtesy of Dottie Barnes, University Communications

On Wednesday, Nov. 11, Grand Valley State University President Philomena Mantella announced an initiative that guarantees admission to GVSU for enlisted 2021 Michigan high school graduates. (To read the rest, click here!)

Students line up to vote for hours on Election Day

Zsolt Palmer

Courtesy / GVSU

This year’s presidential election has proven to be a historic one. Voter turnout exceeded all expectations, being higher this election than in any other of the past century. President Donald Trump and now president-elect Joe Biden have each broken voting records, receiving record amounts of votes. Michigan once again asserted its status as a swing state, flipping from supporting President Donald Trump in 2016 to supporting Biden. (To read the rest, click here!)

‘American Patriot March,’ Ryan Kelley protest draw distinct crowds in Allendale

Olivia Fellows

courtesy /

On Saturday, Oct. 24, supporters of President Donald Trump gathered for a patriot rally drive-through celebration of the incumbent leader behind City Hall in Allendale as part of the ‘National Freedom March.’ (To read the rest, click here!)

Student spearheads menstrual supply distribution initiative

Audrey Whitaker

Courtesy / Alex Hicks

In January 2020, Grand Valley State University Student Senate began a new initiative in supplying select bathrooms and locations across the Allendale campus with free menstrual products for patron use. But was that enough to help higher education students who menstruate? (To read the rest, click here.)

Hundreds gather for Black Lives Matter protest, march on Allendale Campus

Nick Moran

GVL / Sheila Babbitt

A crowd of students, faculty and staff gathered around the Cook Carillon Tower Thursday afternoon before marching through campus to speak out about a lack of support for Black students at Grand Valley State University. (To read the rest, click here!)

GVPD holds department-first ‘No-Shave November’ to raise money for students

Adam Trombley

Courtesy to GVPD

In a year so full of confusion, the Grand Valley Police Department (GVPD) is doing their best to help bring some joy to Grand Valley State University’s community while also donating to a great cause. Some officers around campus will be sporting new facial hair and colorful hairstyles as the department is participating in their first No-Shave November. This month-long event is meant to bring joy to students and staff around GVSU’s campuses while also donating to students who have been diagnosed with cancer. (To read the rest, click here!)

President-elect Biden defeats Trump, pledges to unite America

Nick Moran and Olivia Fellows

Courtesy / Jay Godwin, LBJ Library (LBJ Library photo by Jay Godwin)

After a five-day affair, Joe Biden has been elected to lead the U.S. as its 46th president alongside running mate and vice president-elect Kamala Harris. While votes are being finalized and ongoing legal disputes are still unfolding, projections across the board have named Biden the country’s next president. (To read the rest, click here!)

Student Senate elects Kelly Dowker as 2020-2021 president

Kellen Voss

Courtesy of GVSU Student Senate

Back when she joined the body Grand Valley State University’s Student Senate in 2018, social work major Kelly Dowker set a lofty goal for herself: she wanted to one day be elected president to lead her fellow senators. (To read the rest, click here!)

GV student organizations get creative finding ways to overcome challenges of fall semester

Trevor Hubert

GVL / Britney Watkins

As the Grand Valley State University community pushes forward through one of the most trying times in the school’s history, getting students more involved with extracurriculars has been one of the most difficult challenges of the 2020 school year. (To read the rest, click here!)

Ottawa County Public Health, GV, issues joint Staying in Place order, effective Sept. 17

Nick Moran, Olivia Fellows, and Kellen Voss

Courtesy \ Valerie Wojciecchowski

The Ottawa County Department of Public Health (OCDPH), in coordination with Grand Valley State University, is enacting a “Staying in Place” order effective Sept. 17. The order will require GVSU students living and studying in Allendale Township to stay home through Oct. 1. (To read the rest, click here!)

GVSU Convocation 2020: President Mantella seeks joy in unprecedented times

Trevor Hubert

Courtesy / Olivia Fellows

As GVSU, along with every other school in the country, begins to traverse the uncharted waters of COVID-19 learning, this year’s Convocation ceremony sported a very different look from years prior. The class of 2024 did not pack the fieldhouse, and the few faculty in attendance were all masked up. (To read the rest, click here!)