GV students push for credit/no credit options to be offered at the end of the semester again


GVL / Annabelle Robinson

Kylie Elwell

The Winter 2021 semester started two weeks ago and many students are wondering if they will be offered credit/no credit options at the end of the semester after grades are posted. In the Winter 2020 semester when the pandemic first arose, some students chose to utilize this option when it was offered by the university. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many students are engaging in virtual learning which can be challenging compared to being face-to-face courses with professors and classmates. 

Many colleges and universities throughout the country have implemented these new credit/no credit options due to COVID-19. Michigan State University and Western Michigan University are just two schools that are offering their students the option to opt-out of a letter grade at the end of the semester so their GPA isn’t affected negatively by a letter grade. 

Suzeanne Benet, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs said, “The process to consider applying temporary academic policies is that the Faculty Senate asks the Academic Policies and Standards Committee (APSC) to review the situation and make recommendations regarding temporary policies needed for the term. The APSC is composed of a number of faculty, at least one member from the student senate and I attend ex officio (so no vote) to represent the provost’s office.” 

Students, faculty, and the Academic Policies and Standards Committee can all make their own arguments and vote regarding temporary academic policies. The final decision for a change in policies is made solely by the Office of Provost after they consider all recommendations for the change. Currently, the university does not have plans to extend the credit/no credit option further than the two-week extension that is currently in place. 

Senior Advertising and Public Relations major Lauryn Doctor said, “I think that credit/no credit should be extended until after grades are posted. I think that especially with everything being online that students should be able to make that decision after assessing the course.” 

Throughout the pandemic, GVSU students have spoken out and spread petitions throughout social media about their belief that the university should reconsider their current credit/no credit rules. Since other schools have extended and altered their policies around COVID-19 limiting their access and opportunities to be in an on-campus environment, the question of whether or not GVSU will follow their lead has once again been circulating.  The current extension put in place by the Provost Office is only a week longer than the usual credit/no credit deadline.

Multimedia Journalism Professor Jeffrey Kelly Lowenstein said, “This semester, there is a constant effort from the university to make this semester be more like things before COVID-19. Students have become more used to online learning since the Winter 2020 semester.”