News Briefs 4/5/2021

Mary Racette

GV COVID-19 campus data update

The GVSU community has had a cumulative total of 2,819 COVID-19 cases since Aug. 1. The university’s update for this brief was from Friday, March 26.

Through testing results this past week, GVSU’s Virus Action team have so far reported 158 current active cases including seven members of faculty, nine staff members, 29 on-campus students, 68 “off-campus Ottawa” students, 39 “off-campus Kent” students and six “off-campus other” student with active COVID-19 cases.

“Current active cases” is the count of positive cases reported to the Virus Action Team over the past ten days.  This is an estimate of those currently in isolation, assuming a ten-day symptomatic period following the reporting of a positive test result. Actual periods of isolation are specific to the individual and determined by the county health department.

Testing and Incidence: GVSU’s own testing program has performed 72,413 tests overall since August 21, for a cumulative positivity rate of 1.31% from the latest update as of last week.

“GV Surveillance” includes the GV/Spectrum administered programs of randomized testing, regular testing of high-risk groups, and invited testing of individuals connected to potential clusters. A calendar is available. “GV Total” includes surveillance testing plus all symptomatic/exposure tests administered by Spectrum.

COVID-19 vaccine opportunity available

The time has come where anyone 16 and up is eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. This opportunity is at The West Michigan Vaccine Clinic at Devos Place in Grand Rapids. The clinic is operated by Kent County Spectrum Health, Mercy Health and Vaccinate West Michigan.

The Virus Action Team clarified in a statement that this vaccine opportunity is not sponsored by GVSU, however, it is one of the most accessible ways for the GVSU community to get vaccinated from COVID-19. Online self-scheduling is available on the Spectrum Health website. Minors and individuals who need special assistance can set up an appointment by calling 833-755-0696.

Aaron Haight appointed acting Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Dean of Students

Beginning May 15, the current Associate Dean of Students Aaron Haight will be taking over duties as the acting Vice Provost and Dean of Students. Stepping down from the position will be Loren Rullman, who has been in the position since 2018.

Haight has been a member of the GVSU community since 2000 where she has occupied various leadership positions across campus. Previous roles include Assistant Director of Student Life, Director of Student Conduct and Special Projects, and Assistant Dean. She has also shown involvement in advising student organizations on campus.