GVSU based communications firm earns National Affiliation status


Courtesy / GrandPR

Trevor Hubert, Staff Writer

GrandPR, GVSU’s student-run communications organization, has been recognized as a nationally affiliated firm by the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). Out of the over 100 student-run firms at colleges and universities across the country, GrandPR is one of just 34 firms to achieve this status, according to the PRSSA website. 

The goal of GrandPR is to grow budding public relations and communications students into blossoming professionals before they have even earned their college degrees. Their work with clients includes helping with promotions, media relations and social media management. 

GrandPR CEO Lindsay Corwin credits their success and newfound status to a high level of professionalism and a structurally sound organization, as well as a strong relationship with the WMPRSA, West Michigan’s local chapter of the PRSA. 

“We work tirelessly at being the best we can, so to be recognized by our National PRSSA chapter means a

lot to us as young professionals in such a competitive industry,” Corwin said. “It shows our commitment to

Courtesy / GrandPR

clients, qualifications, and above all, our growth as students in this industry”.

2020-21 marks the third time in GrandPR’s history that National Affiliation has been earned, which was most recently achieved in 2015. 

On top of providing services to their clients, GrandPR is able to provide connections to the professional world, which Corwin believes improves the firm as a whole. 

We offer top-notch programming with professionals across the country, professional development opportunities in multiple disciplines, and opportunities within WMPRSA to become involved as a student in the committees for yearly planning,” Corwin said. 

During the 2020-21 school year, GrandPR put a more intense focus on serving the Grand Rapids community, providing pro bono services to the NAACP of Grand Rapids to promote non-profit organizations in the Grand Rapids area. GrandPR staff was also involved in “Life 101” -a video series meant to help educate high school students on the transition to college. The series won the “Care for Community” category at GVSU’s 2021 Student Life Awards. 

Corwin believes that being a Nationally Affiliated program puts GrandPR on solid ground for the future of the organization, but the real foundation lies inside the strong relationships they have already built. 

“The status of National Affiliation is one that GrandPR has held previously, but continues to strive toward each year,” Corwin said. “As far as the future goes, we hope to continue to create long-lasting relationships with our clients, and foster new relationships as the years move on.”