A&E Briefs 4/19

Mary Dupuis, Arts Editor

GV Art Gallery welcomes new collections

The Grand Valley State University Art Gallery is welcoming Ralph Gibson’s Sacred Land Project to their collection. 

Titled “SACRED LAND: ISRAEL BEFORE AND AFTER TIME,” and comprised of over 20 diptych photographs. Gibson’s work portrays Israel and its modernity alongside its ancient past. 

Gibson, an American photographer, travelled throughout Israel and the surrounding region to create a portrait of the land today where the past is still a key part of the present. He contrasts the photographs in two-page spreads where color and black-and-white images face one another. 

All of the works from Gibson’s book, “Sacred Land,” can be viewed in the art gallery’s online collection on their website. 

Another photography exhibition by GVSU Graduating Seniors, “Ephemerality,” will also be coming to the gallery from April 21-30. 

“Lions and Rabbits” Grand Rapids extends opportunities to West Michigan artists

Lions and Rabbits, a gallery and event space dedicated to encouraging artists and creativity within the Grand Rapids community, are opening new opportunities for West Michigan artists. 

For their newest project, the gallery has been approved to paint 147 concrete barricades across the city of Grand Rapids, and are looking for artists to bring them to life. 

They are also in partnership with LGROW’s “Adopt a Drain” program, commissioning artists to paint storm drains throughout the area. 

Other opportunities consist of creating a sculptural installation for Brigg’s Park, an interior mural for the PUBLIC THREAD facility and the professional hanging of artwork at the Lions and Rabbits Gallery.

For those interested, applications can be found on their website and are due by April 25.

Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. highlights old murals, begins new ones

In partnership with Gazelle Girl Michigan, a women’s only 5k/10k/half-marathon group, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. (DGRI) held a “Shakeout Run.”

This walking/running tour was held to celebrate important female figures in Grand Rapids’ history by making stops at murals painted for the Women’s Way Initiative and doing yoga in front of them. 

To continue their alley activation initiative, DGRI has also begun a new mural in the alley near 2 Jefferson. 

Titled, “Live to Eat,” local artist Maddie Chaffer is coloring the once dismal alleyway with pinks, blues and different dishes. 

GV Campus Activities Board invites graduating seniors to get crafty 

As part of the Grand Valley State University’s annual “ExtravaGRANDza” event, students are invited to come decorate masks and graduation caps. 

Being held in Kirkhof on Monday, April 19 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the Grand River Room, seniors are welcomed to come and “add a little sparkle to graduation.”

General mask decorators are also welcome, and students are asked to RSVP on LakerLink before attending.