Campus Life Night gets students involved


Sabrina Edwards

Member from GVSU’s Sustainable Agriculture Project handing out flowers to attendees at Campus Life Night

Sabrina Edwards, Laker Life Editor

Large groups of students filed through Lot H on Sunday, Aug. 29, to experience Campus Life Night. There were 403 different clubs attending, giving students multiple options to get involved on campus. 

While there were tables that students could get information at, some groups also performed at the event to show potential members what it is that their group does. There were performances from the dance clubs, multiple sororities, and many other groups.

Attendees were able to walk around the parking lot going from table to table to figure out which groups were the right fit for them. They were also given free goodies from different local businesses and campus organizations as well as helpful information to get involved with groups they are interested in. 

For both freshman and sophomore’s it was their first time experiencing a large on-campus event.  Whereas returning upperclassmen got to experience a sense of normalcy they had in their first two or three years. 

“It’s really exciting, we’re excited to go back to the way things were before COVID,” said Fin Lindberg, a senior at GVSU and sorority chapter member, when asked about being able to be back on campus.

With groups being able to hold in-person events again, the buzz is returning to GVSU’s campus. Other clubs echoed Lindberg’s statement, and are excited to be able to hold events again.

Some club members know the importance of going to Campus Life Night as a freshman and were able to find a community they stayed in all four years at GVSU.

“I actually joined when I was a freshman, I met them at Campus Life Night,” said Caroline Berish, a senior and President of the Law Society. “It feels great to be back on campus, there’s a great sense of community here, especially with Campus Life Night and you have these little mixers and you can meet your group and your people.”

Kayla Hoy, a freshman at GVSU, was told to attend Campus Life Night by her RA and decided to check it out. 

“It’s more than what I expected it to be,” Hoy said. “I thought it would be not as big and it’s really big compared to what I thought.”

Many underclassmen attend in hopes of finding the club that is the right fit for them, and with over 400 to choose from, there are a lot of options. From beekeeping to quidditch, to Greek Life, there’s something for everyone. While Hoy said she was still looking around for the right club, others seem to have found their fit right away.

“I’ve always wanted to get involved in things and took it for granted during high school,” said Nathan Blazo, a freshman at GVSU, who gravitated towards joining the dodgeball team.

If you weren’t able to attend, you can still find a club to join. All active groups are on LakerLink. Students can browse through to find a group they’re interested in and reach out to get meeting information or attend posted group events.