GV’s Subject to Change is back with spooks and smiles


Aubree L Wagner

GVL / Aubree Wagner

Allison Rafferty, Staff Writer

Grand Valley State University’s comedy improv group, Subject to Change, hosted their first show of the Fall 2021 semester. 

“Improv of Fright,” was held on Oct. 15 at 8 p.m. in the Kirkhof Center on the university’s Allendale campus. The show marked the first show of the group’s ninth season, and it was a Halloween-themed performance. Tickets could be reserved through GVSU’s website, and GVSU community members could attend the show free of charge. 

Improv of Fright also marked the group’s first in-person show with no capacity limit since the beginning of the pandemic. Audience members could sit safely together, in contrast to the original post-pandemic set up of attendees sitting four rows and two seats apart.

President of Subject to Change and biomedical sciences major, Mason Kolanowski, said the group was amped and ready for their first show after being removed from normalcy for so long. 

“I am so excited to be back,” Kolanowski said. “I haven’t had a real, normal performance in so long, so it is nice to be finally getting closer to normal.”

Per their usual performances, Improv of Fright lasted about an hour and consisted of many audience interactions and suggestions. 

There were seven Subject to Change members who participated in the performance. A few members of GVSU student theatre organization STAGE also helped with technological elements for the show. 

GVL / Aubree Wagner

Kolanowski said he has a lot of goals set for Subject to Change this season. 

I want to grow our audience for one,” Kolanowski said. “I think everyone should come out and laugh with us. It is so therapeutic. Also, I want us all to get to be better improvisers. Improv is a life skill, so growing the talent is more than just beneficial for being funny, but also in real life.”

Subject to Change member and double major in English secondary education and theatre, Bella Gielniak, said that she was a part of a comedy improv group in high school, and wanted to explore it more in college. 

“In my experience improv has been a great way to let loose and meet people,” Gielniak said.

She said that her main goal for this season is to bond more with the rest of the team, and that so far the group has been an amazing way for her to grow friendships and let off some steam. 

“Being a college student comes with a lot of stress. Subject to Change Improv brings some smiles and laughter to combat it. It is a fun and funny space for all,” Gielniak said. 

Kolanowski said he thinks it is important for events like Subject to Change performances to be put on for the community because they put people in a lighter mood than when they came in. 

“I think times are tough still,” Kolanowski said. “We are all finding out how to live in the post-COVID world. I think a lot of times people forget to laugh and make jokes. That’s how I got through this pandemic, and moving forward I want to spread that laughter to as many people as I can.”

Kolanowski said that Subject to Change is eager to expand and collaborate with other GVSU organizations who may need entertainment at events. He said those interested can reach out to Subject to Change via their Instagram or Facebook pages.