GV Campus Activities Board gears up for another eventful year


GVL / Meghan Tripp (Landgren)

Clemence Daniere, Staff Writer

As freshmen students are welcomed by an array of events to help them find friends and become a part of their new community at Grand Valley State University. 

Each year, these events are planned and carried out by the Campus Activities Board (CAB), a group of students who dedicate their time to creating these experiences for their fellow lakers. 

CAB’s goal is to make sure that students enjoy their time, whether that be at the Laker Kick-Off party in the beginning of the school year or at the spring concert at the end of the winter semester. CAB creates a bridge between schoolwork and social life that helps students integrate themselves into the GVSU community without the stress of school work looming over them.

“It gives us an opportunity to plan these free events for students to take a break from the stressfulness of college, meet new people and just take some time away from the stressful aspects of being a student,” said Hannah Schafer, CAB Vice President of Programming. 

Due to the restrictions put in place by the university to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic, turnout for CAB events has declined during the past two years. However, Schafer is hopeful that they will be able to increase turnout this year in their larger events such as the Laker kick-off and the spring concert.

Although CAB is known for its larger events, it continuously holds smaller events throughout the year with different activities. Whether it be arts and crafts nights or comedy shows, CAB tries to have something for everyone. Aside from entertainment, CAB also provides students with resources about subjects they may have questions about. 

“CAB gets students more involved with campus life, is inclusive to all students, no matter their background or what they look like and brings everyone together for a good time,” said Asia Price, Vice President of Membership. 

As one of the first Black students at a higher position on the board, Price said she hopes to be a role model for the Black community at GVSU. 

Although CAB has nothing concrete nailed down yet, the spring concert, family weekend, homecoming and welcome week are all sure to be filled with various events held by the CAB. The board will be meeting before and during the start of the school year to bring their concepts to life.

Although the board selection for CAB has already been made, students are strongly encouraged to participate in the events of their liking and attend routine meetings. General members play a role in planning events and their lower time commitment to CAB makes it feasible for most students to participate. 

“Being a general member is especially encouraged for freshman who are still trying to find that balance between extracurriculars and school in college life,” Schafer said. 

As a major part of student life on campus, CAB strives to create an environment that is comfortable and inviting for all students to discover what GVSU has to offer. CAB offers students the opportunity to get involved on campus, be that through events or joining the CAB team.