GV dance program welcomes new associate professor


Courtesy / Edgar L. Page

Colleen Garcia, Staff Writer

Grand Valley State University welcomes Edgar L. Page to the dance program as an associate professor of dance. 

In his new role at GVSU, Page will teach classes including choreography and styles, including modern, jazz and hip-hop.

Page lived in Denver, Colorado over the past several years but is originally from Detroit, Michigan. He said he has always had a passion for dancing and a natural ability to dance even before he began formal training. 

“I have been dancing all my life,” Page said. “I always had a natural inclination towards movement and used to mimic what I saw on tv, or allow impulse to take over to music in social settings like birthday parties or the kiddie discos in the Detroit area during the 80s and 90s.” 

A decision at the age of 13 would change the trajectory of Page’s life.

During his time at Detroit Public Schools he was given the option between a gym class and a dance class to fulfill his physical education requirement.

Before he took the dance class, Page was interested in studying engineering, medicine or law. Afterwards, Page decided to follow his passion for dance despite the difficulties of beginning later than other dancers.  

Over the course of Page’s dance career, he has performed and toured both domestically and internationally with Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble as a principal dancer for ten years. He then started  his own dance company, Edgar L Page: Feel the Movement, based in Denver, Colorado.

Page’s experience dancing and teaching is fueled by the way he feels dance is able to allow creativity to grow within a dancer. 

“I believe you live the way that you dance and always want to help others find the dance that inherently lives within them,” Page said.

Additionally, Page believes that dance is for everyone and commonly says that dance is for “everybody and every body.” He emphasizes that each person can find new opportunities for growth in the creative process. 

“Each of us has a dance that is all our own that is ruled by one’s heartbeat, the rhythm of life and the first drum we hear,” Page said. “I seek to help others find their dance, harness their physicality and realize the joy in movement.”

Page believes that dance is an embodied art that applies to all aspects of life. He feels that dance helps to develop many skills such as creative thinking, interpersonal relations, self-awareness, assertiveness, communication skills and resilience.

He explains that through his experience with dance, he has learned to be empathetic, a creative leader and more through his time dancing. 

“Dance has been the passport to a full, lush life that I am so grateful for, and I stand by advocating for the advanced study of dance in academia as it brings beauty and more depth to any ecosystem,” Page said. 

Page hopes to create additional opportunities to engage the GVSU community with dance through his knowledge and experience from his years of dancing and professional expertise.

“My relocation process from Colorado is still in process and hasn’t been easy on me physically, mentally or emotionally,” Page said. “Once I start teaching, it will all be worth it as this will be a continuation of operating in my life’s purpose. Let’s dance Lakers.”