Recruitment week kicks off at GV


GVL | Meghan Tripp

Clemence Daniere, Staff Writer

Recruitment for Greek Life began at Grand Valley State University last week. Every year, sororities and fraternities set up a comprehensive schedule of activities to welcome potential new members into their chapters. 

Fall recruitment lasts one week, and students are able to meet people involved in Greek Life as well as other interested students to try and find the best fit for them.

Those involved in Greek Life say it provides an accepting and welcoming environment, serving as a pathway to professional opportunities for everyone involved. 

“I went into it not knowing anything about it, so I was really unsure, but I ended up really liking my sorority and getting a lot out of it,” said Olivia Berryman, the president of Alpha Sigma Tau. 

Panhellenic sororities also provide their members with volunteer opportunities focused on the philanthropy chosen by the sorority. 

This year, 228 girls have signed up for sorority recruitment, which is being held fully in person for the first time in two years.

Each round of events is aimed to help the prospective members focus on their desired chapter. Mutual understanding and common goals help members pick out which sorority will fit their expectations of Greek Life. 

Recruitment will close out on Sunday, when bid day will be held, during which girls will “run home” to the community they connect with the most. All sororities will have different themes to welcome their new members to their houses. 

Although Greek Life is mostly focused on traditional sororities and fraternities, there are also professional co-ed fraternities focused on career preparation and community. Mu Epsilon Delta, a pre-health professional fraternity, welcomes everyone who is involved in pre-health to join their chapter. 

“I wanted to create a community that was bigger than the clubs at GVSU,” said Sierra Gulli, the founder of Mu Epsilon Delta. “Members get more benefits this way because it has an established national board.”

Although professional co-ed fraternities focus more on the practical aspects of Greek Life, they still value common interests and community within their chapters. With everyone working toward a common goal, the members are given plenty of opportunities to push themselves and create a professional life that fits their liking. 

Aside from Panhellenic and professional sororities and fraternities, GVSU also has multicultural chapters in Greek Life that focus on cultural communities. The Multicultural Greek Council currently includes five chapters, each focused on different multicultural identities. These sororities and fraternities focus on fostering the cultural similarities between their members and creating a welcoming environment for everyone who decides to join them. 

Although recruitment week has already started at GVSU, interested students are encouraged to reach out to any chapter they might be interested in joining.

Winter recruitment occurs in the second semester, creating an opportunity for students who have missed fall recruitment to join Greek Life. Different events will be held and most chapters involved in Greek Life will be accepting new members at that time.