Column: Allendale offers plenty of options for fall fun

Maddie Zimmerman, Staff Writer

The weather is slowly shifting from the warm summer months to the chilly breeze and changing fall leaves — unless you’re living in Michigan, where the weather is 80 degrees on Tuesday and on Wednesday it’s raining and 50 degrees.

Changing leaves, colder weather and cozy blankets come out of hiding along with visits to pumpkin patches and apple orchards. There are plenty of options for those looking for the best way to spend a cool, fall afternoon, both at home and around Grand Valley State University.

First, my favorite, watching a tv show or movie and cuddling up with my pet cat and a blanket. Fall is a cozy season. Grab your favorite blanket, snack and if you have a pet, grab them too. Take some time for yourself during the school week. Watch your favorite Halloween movie and eat some candy. You need to prioritize yourself as the weather starts to drop and school starts to pick up. 

Secondly, a classic apple orchard day. Grab some friends, your significant other or go by yourself. Go pick some apples. Get all dressed up with your friends. I personally love to take some Instagram pictures. Grab some warm apple and pumpkin donuts and cider. On my list of places to visit this fall is Robinette’s Apple Orchard, I have heard from other GVSU students that it’s worth visiting.

Along with classic apple orchards, visiting a pumpkin patch is also an enjoyable trip in the fall — especially if they have animals. At Post Family Farms, about 15 minutes from GVSU’s campus, they have a really creative goat pen. There are places for goats to sleep and planks and stumps for the goats to climb on. There is a feeder where you can pay 25 cents to get a handful of goat food to give to the goats. They are very sweet and adorable. Post Family Farms also has pigs and sometimes piglets, along with beautiful horses and cows towards the back. If you are going with younger kids, Post Family Farms also has a play area that has a jungle gym, swings and a pit of corn to jump in. 

Post Family Farm also has amazing donuts and apple cider. I definitely recommend that visitors eat some donuts, drink some cider and pet some goats. I always pick out a pumpkin before I leave as well. 

As the weather and leaves change in West Michigan, there are plenty of fun and affordable ways for GVSU students to enjoy the fall season before the snow starts to fly.