CAB hosts first fall concert


GVL / Elizabeth Schanz

Elizabeth Schanz, Arts and Entertainment Editor

This past week Campus Activities Board (CAB) held its fall concert with a performance from Indie-Pop band lovelytheband. The event took place in downtown Grand Rapids at GLC live at 20 Monroe, with an estimated turnout of about 700 people after only one week of ticket sales. 

This was CAB’s first official fall concert outside of previously putting on various homecoming events in past years. The last concert CAB hosted was the spring concert in April 2022 with a performance from Yung Gravy, which took place at the fieldhouse on the Grand Valley State University Allendale campus. 

lovelytheband was originally formed in 2016 and consists of three members: lead singer Mitchy Collins, drummer Sam Price and guitarist Jordan Greenwald. The group had its first hit in 2018 with their song “broken” topping the Billboard Alternative Songs hart for seven consecutive weeks and the Billboard Rock Airplay chart for nine consecutive weeks.

Originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Collins said during the set that he was excited to be back in Michigan. Throughout the set, he connected with the audience about his time in Michigan, noting that during his time in Grand Rapids he went to the Woodland Mall in Kentwood and asked the crowd for bar recommendations in Grand Rapids. Collins also took a BeReal post for an audience member. 

The band’s performance consisted of songs from previous and newer albums. They opened with their song “loneliness for love” and continued with “these are my friends,” a cover of The Killer’s “Mr. Brightside” and wrapped up the night with “broken.” 

CAB director of headliners Erin Gallaher said CAB’s choice of bringing lovelytheband was to bring in artists that have a least a couple of songs that the “vast majority” of students are familiar with in order to appeal to the student body. 

“We wanted a band that would bring a good show and good energy at a time in the year when there is not a lot going on,” Gallaher said. “Our events are to lift students’ spirits and lovelytheband has a set list that felt appropriate for that goal.” 

CAB announced the artist only about a week prior to the event. Leading up to this announcement the organization dropped hints on its Instagram including graphics of a pool, the venue “The Roxy” and an image of three members. Students were able to comment their guesses of who the group was, and those who guessed correctly had the chance to receive free tickets. After the concert was announced, CAB held a raffle for a meet and greet with the band. 

GVSU senior Rory Jones won the meet and greet and was excited, as she is a long-time lovelytheband fan, previously seeing the band a couple of years before the COVID-19 pandemic in Detroit. 

“I was in the library studying because I had an exam, then I got a DM on Instagram from CAB saying ‘Hey you won a meet and greet,’” Jones said. “I freaked out a little bit and I was really excited.” 

Jones said she started listening to lovelytheband in high school at the time they released their first album. She said that their music has gotten her through difficult times. This was a message that the band shared with the audience during their performance advocating for mental health and support. 

Jones said the band was very friendly, sociable and seemed just as excited to see her and her friends as Jones was to see them.  

Along with the meet and greet, Jones said one of her favorite moments of the concert was Collins’ interaction with the audience, jumping into the crowd, singing and dancing with attendees. She said that this experience was something that will have a lasting impact on her. 

“The pandemic hit freshman year of college, I’m a senior, I’m graduating from GV – I think there are a lot of little moments I don’t realize I missed,” Jones said. “That was one of those moments that I know I know I’m going to remember for a long time.”

Jones had previously attended the Yung Gravy concert in 2022 and said that she had a better experience overall at the lovelytheband concert. She said she enjoyed the smaller atmosphere and appreciated the venue.  

The venue change from an on-campus location in previous years to an external location was a choice that Gallaher said was to “switch things up.” She said that this change was to connect all members of the GVSU community, especially students who are downtown and may have fewer opportunities to attend events.  Additionally, she said those living on and around the Allendale campus could have gotten to the venue with “free, safe and reliable” transportation from the Laker Line bus system.

Concessions were available at the venue in addition to alcoholic beverages for attendees 21 and up. 

The performance was supported by opener DJ Comp, who has previously worked with both GLC 20 Monroe Live as a venue and partnered with CAB on events such as the silent disco held on-campus earlier this year. 

“I love being able to connect with the students year after year and y’all always put on great events,” Comp said. “I’m just happy to be part of it and bring a little bit of joy and some good times to the folks at Grand Valley.”

CAB is still planning on having its spring concert in the 2023 winter semester. The artist and location are to be determined.