Shooting, stabbing at GV area apartment complexes continue semester-long violent crime trend


GVL / Bri Conway

Emma Armijo, Staff Writer

Following a string of violent criminal activity at apartment complexes in the Allendale area, students and residents encountered another incident in the early hours of Sunday morning, Oct. 29.

Around 2:45 a.m., reports of a stabbing at 48 West Apartments came through to which Ottawa County deputies responded while on patrol.

The victim of the stabbing was not on the scene at the time of law enforcement’s arrival, but many vehicles were seen exiting the apartment complex.

News Channel 3 reported the male victim arriving at a local hospital with non-fatal stab wounds shortly after. The victim is in stable condition.

No arrests have been made in the case, which is still under investigation.

48 West Apartments is largely populated by GVSU students. They cater mostly to the commuter student population on campus, many of whom are feeling concerned after the events of the weekend.

48 West addressed residents in an email following the incident, in which the complex alleged the suspect involved in the stabbing incident has been arrested. There has been no news coverage or announcement from Ottawa Police to corroborate that, however.

The email acknowledged the stabbing as a “police response to an assault” that occurred on the premises. 48 West stated the incident did not involve residents of the complex and extended a request for local law enforcement to visit the complex community more frequently.

A property manager of 48 West, who requested to remain anonymous, said the email was sent to residents within a 24-hour window of the events that took place the previous morning. He was hopeful that the 48 West community reaching out to residents would provide some closure and additionally some preventative structure for further events of the like.

“We did already have (the security system) enhanced or upgraded, and a security presence that allows more control, more people walking around,” the manager said. “We’re also looking into a couple of other things, but nothing is set in stone.”

The manager said the complex takes safety very seriously, explaining 48 West is taking the necessary steps to make sure the events are not repeated, especially following a string of similar events happening in the area.

Bella Roselli, a GVSU student and 48 West resident, said she feels scared to walk around after dark following the events of the weekend.

“It’s getting freaky around here, and I don’t want to walk to my car across the lot after 10 p.m., let alone go to a party by myself,” Roselli said. “I hear shouts and arguments outside my apartment every night from Thursday to Sunday.”

From her apartment, Roselli has a vantage point to multiple other units that often throw parties on the weekends.

“As for the stabbing, I’m worried about guns, knives and all types of (violence) around here,” Roselli said. “I also have some of the main party houses right across from my apartment, so I get to witness the events, front row.”

The use of firearms has been a recurring issue in the multiple different housing complexes surrounding GVSU this semester.

Around 12:30 am on October 23rd, emergency crews responded to reports of multiple gunshots in The Alpine Student Living.

Fox 17 reported that no suspects have been located, but law enforcement says there is not an ongoing threat. One person was hospitalized with non-fatal injuries.

GVSU’s Department of Public Safety issued a statement to students via a GVSUALERT!, stating a non-student victim was taken to the hospital following a shooting at the privately owned off-campus apartment complex.

The GVSUALERT! said Public Safety is sharing the information to make residents aware of potential safety-related issues, however they believe campus properties to be safe and the incident to be isolated.

Haunah Stanley, regional supervisor to the Asset Living Property Management company that manages both The Alpine Student Living and its sister property, The Lodge, shares sympathy with community members.

“We share the concerns of our community and are offering our full support,” Stanley said. “Community safety is one of our top priorities.”

The Alpine Student Living, as well as many of the off-campus housing complexes surrounding the university, contract their security services with Absolute Security. Absolute is contracted to monitor noise complaints, general safety and uphold parking policy for the majority of the apartment complexes in the area.

Stanley said The Alpine and The Lodge both keep security policies under wraps to try and maintain their security integrity, in hopes to prevent instances like The Alpine shooting and the 48 West stabbing.

“We don’t speak about the specific precautions and policies in place in order to keep them secure,” Stanley said. “They are continuously reviewed and updated.”

An employee of The Alpine Student Living elaborated that the Alpine sustained no damages from the shooting, and no residents were harmed.

They explain that those involved with the shooting were non-residents and non-GVSU students, so there is no reason for residents of The Alpine Student Living to feel unsafe.

As both the shooting at The Alpine Student Living and the stabbing at 48 West Apartments are active investigations, anyone with information about either incident is asked to call the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office at (800) 249-0911 or use the Silent Observer service to aid in the investigation process.

Grand Valley State University Department of Public Safety recommends students to download the free Laker Guardian app to help keep themselves and others safe.