News Briefs 11/14


GVL Briefs

Josh Alburtus, News Editor

GV hosts annual Veterans’ Day Breakfast to honor service members

Grand Valley State University hosted its 12th annual Veteran’s Day Breakfast on Nov. 11 to highlight service veterans in the GVSU community and honor the sacrifices made by them and those close to them.

The event featured speakers including retired U.S. Coast Guard Vice Admiral Sandra Stosz and GVSU’s Military and Veterans Resource Manager Jill Hinton-Wolfe as well as a virtual address from veteran and U.S. Senator Gary Peters.

In her address to the room of administration officials, veterans and family members, Stosz sought to draw on her experiences in the military to encourage those in attendance to work to bridge ideological divides and come together as one American people.

GVSU President Philomena Mantella also spoke to the audience, expressing her gratitude to the university’s veterans for their service and officials’ collective commitment to providing a campus environment suitable for the unique needs of the nation’s veterans.

Russian military retreats from strategic Ukrainian city of Kherson

Nine months after the Russian Federation began its invasion of Ukraine, Russian forces have withdrawn from a strategic city in the southeastern region of the country.

Kherson, liberated by Ukrainian forces last week, serves as a critical port city connected to the Black Sea and is a vital link between Western Ukraine and the area directly north of the Crimean Peninsula seized by Russia in 2014. The city had been subjugated to Russian occupation since the initial days of the invasion.

The city now faces a monumental task in attempting to rebuild and reconnect its residents to vital services including water and electricity.

With the liberation of Kherson, Ukraine will be in a more well-suited position to begin its foray into the country’s eastern reaches as it seeks to liberate the remainder of Russian-occupied areas.

GV implements new method of calculating attendance cost

Grand Valley State University has announced the introduction of a new online tool that would seek to aid campus community members in calculating how much it would cost to attend the university.

This new tool, dubbed the Cost Calculator, can be used to determine the fiscal impact of attendance by allowing students to enter in identifying questions into the online system.

According to GVNext, Vice President for Enrollment Development and Educational Outreach B. Donta Truss aimed to have the Cost Calculator show the university’s sincerity toward the matter of fiscal transparency.

Students’ answers to such questions will allow the system to take into account various factors surrounding each student’s financial, familial and academic situation to answer for the student how much they will pay for attendance.