GV’s ‘Euphoria’ wins A Cappella-Off


GVL / Bethann Long

Omari Seaberry, Staff Writer

This weekend, Allendale high school and the Mu Alpha chapter of Sigma Alpha lota collaborated on an A Cappella-off to raise money for their programs as well as the community. 

The event was held at Allendale High School and hosted other schools like Michigan State, Central Michigan and Western Michigan. Groups from all around the state wowed the audience with their performances in order to win a $200 cash prize. 

This was a yearly event that had been halted since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this, it is the first fundraising event for the majority of the Mu Alpha members.

The art of a cappella involves the performance of a singer or singing group without any musical instrumentals in the background. A long time ago, the term was originally used to differentiate between Renaissance polyphony and Baroque concertato musical styles. This is a style of performance where an audience is introduced to a performer’s live voice in action. The Mu Alpha chapter is a fraternity closely associated with music, so the basis of this contest fits their knowledge of the genre.

Grand Valley State University was represented by the groups Midnight Snack, Groove and Euphoria. The winning group, Euphoria, is a co-ed a cappella group that does competitions throughout Michigan. They are also part of the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA). 

Mu Alpha Fraternity member, Lola Robar, said the fraternity has interacted with the group prior to the event.

“We had some interaction with them before this with recruitment, they are a fun group and can be booked through their website,” Robar said.

The fraternity made sure to invite experts in the craft to judge the performances of the multiple groups. Judges from all over the state of Michigan were invited to lend their collaboration. 

Event planner Hannah Savage said there were groups from multiple universities in attendance

“We extended invitations to different groups throughout the state of Michigan,” Savage said. “We’ve got groups coming from Eastern, Central and Western, and our groups from Grand Valley, and we have an adjunct professor from GVSU who will also be judging.”

The fraternity was in charge of collaborating with the other schools to source a big crowd for the competition. Mu Alpha member Alexia Davis said past fraternity groups were the key to connecting with some of the other schools that were participating.

“Groups in the past have worked with them, so we just re-extended the invitation,” Davis said.

A circle of information was formed between the collaborating schools to make it easier for groups to get to know the event. Event planner, Jordan Miller, said the fraternity showcased the networking skills of Alpha Mu, making sure nobody was left out.

“Eastern told us more about the events that they had there that (Eastern Michigan University) extended information to other schools, so we usually extend (our) invitations to them and other schools to make sure more people know,” Miller said.

In total, eight collegiate a capella groups competed in the event. Emerald Harmony, of Eastern Michigan University, Central Harmony and On The Rox, both of Central Michigan University, Vocaholics of Western Michigan University, and Capital Green from Michigan State University were in attendance. 

GVSU’s Euphoria received first place, with second place awarded to MSU’s Capital Green.

The Mu Alpha chapter will host more fundraisers in the upcoming semester similar to the A cappella-off. In past years, they have sold roses, flowers and stickers for band and choir concerts. The proceeds raised have gone towards the high school and other organizations working to foster a community supportive of the arts in Allendale.