Alpha Phi Omega gets ready for its rush at GV


GVL / Aida Dennis

Isabelle England, Staff Writer

Alpha Phi Omega (APO) is an all-inclusive fraternity at Grand Valley State University, where members have all different backgrounds, majors and ages.

APO is a nationally recognized chapter that focuses on service projects with the goal of giving back to the greater Grand Rapids community. As their focus is giving back to the community, APO was nominated for the Care For Community award at the Student Life Awards.

Throughout winter semester rush week, APO hosted several events in hopes of spreading their message and getting the word out about the opportunities the fraternity offers to prospective students. 

GVL / Aida Dennis

On Monday, Jan. 23, the fraternity hosted its first rush week event. This event doubled as a service project, where fraternity members made bracelets for a local children’s advocacy center as well as cat toys for an anti-animal cruelty society. This event was followed the next day by an information meeting.

“My favorite part of being in Alpha Phi Omega is being able to give back to the community while spending time with great people,” said APO President Jillian Roux. “APO is filled with amazing people who are all members because they genuinely want to do good for the community. When I joined, I was welcomed with open arms by everyone. I have been able to make great connections with those in the fraternity, as well as meet many new individuals as they join us at our events.” 

On Jan. 25, the fraternity celebrated the middle of rush week with another service project event. Students were welcome to join APO to make bears for children living overseas through the Hugs Project. To close out the week, APO held one final event at Kirkhof Center. The fraternity’s current members socialized with prospective members while making plarn, a plastic yarn that will later be donated to help make durable bedding mats for homeless people to sleep on. 

“Our fraternity focuses on giving back in a multitude of ways in hopes to impact as many people as we can,” Roux said. “We focus on leadership, friendship and service. I think our cardinal principles truly aim to allow us to grow as individuals, as well as make connections while we are making a difference. I was also drawn to APO because of how open and welcoming the community is, as well as the various opportunities to continue to get more involved.”

APO allows prospective members to join any time throughout rush week. Even if it’s not the first event, students are welcome and encouraged to come to the event and try it out. Students wanting to become members can even pledge without attending any events. 

“I would definitely recommend students join a fraternity,” Roux said. “One thing I feel many people are not aware that fraternities do not necessarily mean traditional Greek life. There are plenty of fraternities that stand for different purposes yet, they all bring a sense of community and friendship.”

For more information about joining APO and its events throughout the semester students can visit their Instagram @apo_azi or contact them through their official email [email protected]