GV celebrates Harry Styles’ birthday


GVL / Isabelle England

Isabelle England, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Feb. 1, the Campus Activities Board threw a Harry Styles-themed party in the Kirkhof Center to celebrate the singer’s 29th birthday.

The room was decorated with various pink and blue streamers – the singer’s signature colors. Along with the streamers were balloons with his face, color-coordinated tablecloths and a variety of themed snacks. 

This year’s party marks the fourth birthday party that CAB has held in Styles’ honor. In 2019, CAB’s Vice President of Programming Hannah Schafer noticed the students she managed in the dorms as a Resident Assistant were talking nonstop about the upcoming release of  Styles’ sophomore album, “Fine Line.” Schafer used this to fuel her idea for an album release party. 

“Every year since that, we wanted something to do with Harry so the next year we did a whole ‘Treat People With Kindness’ week and then we did a birthday party,” Schafer said. “I am an RA, and I’m constantly hearing about how much people love Harry Styles. That is just something we can get people out and about for.” 

The event was just under two hours long, and featured a variety of snacks like popcorn and cupcakes with Styles-themed toppers on them as well as a birthday cake. 

“People like these obscure events and it gets them out of their room and gives them something to do at night, which is the best thing we can do for the community,” Schafer said.

Over 50 people attended the event, some of which had attended the party in previous years. 

“I love this type of event because you’re going to do something different and unique but still with your friends,” said junior Georgia Hessel. 

The students split into teams for the trivia game, which challenged players with Styles-themed questions ranging from simple to obscure. The room was rowdy as teams fought for spots on the leaderboard. 

“When he became a solo act, I obviously loved his music and his voice and his fashion sense I’ve always really loved,” said senior Bruna Ngassa. “I have always felt a connection to him, and everything that he stands for too. He is just a really genuine person, he’s just really kind and he cares about his fans a lot.” 

Students were encouraged to take photo booth pictures with a range of Styles-themed props against the custom backdrop CAB set up, decorated with birthday balloons.