Office of Student Life hosts annual “Re-Ignite” training


GVL / Bethann Long

Melia Williams, Staff Writer

With so many student organizations present on Grand Valley State University’s campus, the Office of Student Life facilitates opportunities for clubs to undergo training throughout the year.

The Office of Student Life sees to this by hosting events called “Ignite” in the fall semester and “Re-Ignite” in the winter semester for organizations to come together and collaborate while also getting updates on policies and procedures. 

“A lot of the fall is based on very general policies, just getting them off the ground,” said Assistant Director for Student Life Brianna Slager. “This winter, we take a step further where we do this mini-conference and they get a more tailored experience to their organization.”

Re-Ignite is open to executive board members of any organizations, but each organization is required to send at least one representative in order to stay in good standing as an organization. 

Throughout the afternoon, there were four different workshops the students were able to attend: funding, event planning and collaboration, executive board transitions and elections. 

“In the funding one that I led, we did a Kahoot talking about what kind of categories of funding they can get, and in event planning, they planned a fake event and they were able to walk through that process with those people that can help them,” Slager said. 

To simulate a real event planning experience, resources on campus such as the Campus Activities Board, the Promotions Office, graduate assistants, the Dean of Students, the Student Life office and the Vice President of Senate Allocations, were there to help. 

Both the Ignite and Re-Ignite trainings aim to give participants a starting point to make them good officers. 

“They really get that stepping stone to build those connections and collaborations on campus to make their org better and better every year because that’s the goal,” Slager said. 

Slager said after the COVID-19 pandemic, there were only 200 organizations left on campus, leaving Student Life with the task of rebuilding to the 400 groups that are now on campus. 

“There’s been a lot of growth and we’re hopeful that these trainings continue that growth and help keep those orgs staying around and having good legacies going forward,” Slager said. 

For any of the organizations that could not attend Re-Ignite there will be a virtual training session held Feb. 7. 

On Feb. 23 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. there will be an additional event for student organizations to gather together, share food and receive more support for their respective organizations.