Podcast provides mental health support to students


Hannah Zajac

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Zoë Murphy, Staff Writer

Grand Valley State University’s University Counseling Center (UCC) is taking preventative measures to support students dealing with mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression and attention-deficit disorder. 

One way the university is trying to reach students with support and information about mental health is through the UCC’s podcast, “I’m Doing Fine” that aims to help students know they aren’t alone in their struggles. 

“I’m Doing Fine” started in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic picked up and many people began to struggle with their mental health. The podcast was designed as a resource to help students understand that they weren’t alone in what they were feeling and experiencing. 

Though the podcast is run by peer educators, Mikaela Padgen, UCC mental health communications and outreach specialist, oversees the distribution of it. 

“I help with making sure that it gets out to our campus community via our website or social media and getting it up on audio boom, which links it directly to Spotify, Apple podcasts, Podcast Addicts and things like that as well,” Padgen said. 

“I’m Doing Fine” has episodes dedicated to helping students understand the range of emotions and experiences that come with being a university student. The most recent episode, titled “Starting Over Again,” tackles New Year’s resolutions, new beginnings and how to get involved on campus.  

More lighthearted episodes include topics like winter break and how to best manage time as a student. Other episodes involve more sensitive topics like living with seasonal depression. 

Padgen said since the show started, students have expressed love for the radio show and its messages.

“We receive feedback pretty often that students really just appreciate being able to hear people like that and kind of connect with our peer educators and their personalities that really shine through on the podcast,” Padgen said.

New and past episodes are available on Spotify, AudioBoom and Apple Podcasts.