Arts & Entertainment Briefs 3/27


Emma Armijo, Arts & Entertainment Editor

GV Dance Marathon raises money for Child Life Program

The GVSU Dance Marathon ran their marathon fundraiser over the weekend, beginning on Saturday March 25.

The Lakerthon is a weekend event held every winter semester where students, staff and community members meet to play games, dance and raise money for local Miracle Hospitals. The Miracle Network Dance Marathon is a nationwide movement throughout the United States.

The Grand Valley State University branch donates all money raised to the Child Life Program at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids. The Child Life Program is dedicated to making children’s stays in the hospital as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. The six hour fundraiser concluded this past weekend, raising over $18,000 for benefit of the sick children in Grand Rapids.

Participants were able to hear first-hand accounts from families in the Child Life Program, learn group dances, play games and more to celebrate the success of the fundraiser, while logging volunteer hours for participation.

To follow GV Dance Marathon, learn about involvement and see the behind the scenes, find the Lakerthon on LakerLink or follow @GVLakerthon on Instagram.

Dancing for a cure

The GVSU Dance Troupe is putting on their end-of-the-semester dance showcase this weekend.

GVSU Dance Troupe is a large student group committed providing Lakers with dance aspirations a place to continue dancing in college. The showcase features three performances between March 31 and April 1. These performances highlight the Dance Troupe’s culmination of work though the entire semester, in support of GVSU’s American Cancer Society chapter.

GVSU’s chapter of the American Cancer Society is an organization with an agenda to combat cancer through advocacy, research and patient support. In partnership with the GV Dance Troupe, both groups are dedicated to ensuring the opportunity for everyone to prevent, detect, treat and survive cancer.

The Dance Troupe has collected donations from a variety of organizations in the past, including The Alzheimer’s Association and The Sierra Club of Michigan.

The performances will be held at Allendale High School in the auditorium this weekend. For more information, visit “Dance Troupe Presents: ‘Dancing for a Cure’ Winter 2023 Recital” on the GVSU events calendar.

Trans Visibility Week: GV does drag

The LGBT Resource Center is working with the GV Men’s Volleyball team to put together a drag show to advocate for Trans Visibility Week.

The show is hosted by La Reine Divine and will feature local drag performers to help spread awareness for Trans issues. The show will be held on the Allendale campus in the Cook Dewitt Center Auditorium.

According to the GVSU Events calendar, the event is intended for college students and college-aged individuals. The event is $1o at the door this Wednesday, March 29.

For more information about involvement for the Drag Show, visit the campus events calendar.