Column: Finishing the year strong

Maddie Zimmerman, Staff Writer

We are all approaching that time of year when we are over the cold, doing assignments, taking tests, trying to have a social life and also attend classes.

We are slowly but surely almost done with the winter 2023 semester. This means spring is coming, flowers are blooming, the sun is peeking out of the clouds again and it is finally not snowing here in Michigan. There are still sadly assignments, tests, exams and papers left to complete.

How do you get those done when you’re counting down the days till summer? I’m here to help.

Use a reward system. Do you like Starbucks before class? Do you like to visit Tea Time for an appetizer? Do you like to buy sushi from Bento? Reward yourself by doing some form of self care in return for getting the task done.

For example, I like getting Starbucks before classes or study sessions at the library. Before I end up spending $7 on a drink, I have to get a paper done, then I can get Starbucks as my reward. Not only does this motivate you to get your tasks done and can benefit your grade for turning the paper in, it also gives you something to look forward to after you finish your paper.

You can use any form of reward system. You don’t have to go out and buy food, you can go for a walk, visit with friends, workout, etc. Make the reward something you like, and remember that eating and sleeping enough, along with other basic forms of self-care, should always be on the top of your mind as well.

I highly suggest a planner/Google Calendar of some sort to keep yourself organized. You can make it fun with color coding or whatever works for you personally. This is the easiest way to not get overwhelmed and forget assignments. This helps me so much when finals are approaching when everything from every single class seems to be due during the same week of the semester. This way you are ensured to not miss an assignment because you forgot it, and can visualize the workload for each week.

Another tip I have is to take breaks. If you start your assignments early enough, then you will have the time to breaks. If you start your six-page paper a week in advance, you can do a page a day and take several breaks in between.

On the other hand, if you start your six page paper the night before at midnight and now you have to pull an all nighter before work and all of your classes the next day. This is easier said than done, believe me we have all been there and done that. You will never regret starting your assignments early. 

All in all, give yourself ample time to be able to sit back and relax as you get your assignments done. Time management is key in being successful and mentally prepared for finals. Remind yourself that you are almost done, so do not give up now.

In a few short weeks, you can be sitting by the pool tanning in the sun and will not even remember your final presentation for your class.