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GV Color Guard fosters community and creativity

Courtesy | LMB Color Guard

The Laker Marching Band (LMB) is an integral part of Grand Valley State University’s sporting and entertainment events. The LMB performs at events like football games, competitions and other on and off-campus events.

The LMB has been a crucial part of GVSU culture since it was founded in 1976, just four years after the founding of the performing arts center and 17 years after the university itself. The LMB aims to increase school spirit and encourage all students to get involved and cheer on their school in whatever competition there may be. 

Like all teams, the LMB is composed of many different positions. One specifically part of the band is the color guard. The color guard performs choreographed routines with a variety of props and flags to visually enhance and interpret the music of the marching band. 

Annah Stang, a sophomore member of the color guard team, said her involvement in the color guard has shaped her whole college experience.

“From the relationships I’ve made, skills I’ve built and leadership I’ve been able to develop, I can’t imagine GVSU without flags,” Stang said. 

Stang has been involved in color guard since high school and was originally inspired to get involved after hearing her mom gush about her own involvement in the 1980s. Stang had never planned to pursue the sport in college, but after being invited as a guest student for the LMB during her freshman year of college she made the decision to transfer to GVSU and renew her involvement. 

“It was such a fantastic environment that I made the choice to transfer for my sophomore year. To me, being in color guard symbolizes everything that I love about GVSU. Creativity, hard work, dedication and a commitment to care,” Stang said. 

In addition to Stang’s passion for color guard she also balances a marketing major with minors in theater and communications. She hopes to one day work for the marketing department of a sustainable fashion company where she can travel the world. The color guard may not be specifically related to her studies, but Stang likes being able to do many different things with a variety of people. 

Through her transfer journey, Stang was supported by her teammates, even if it was just a simple wave of hello across campus. 

“Especially as an underclassman it can be scary to navigate the new world of college, and it is fantastic to have a built-in support system in the LMB,” Stang said. 

LMB not only aims to foster a place for talent and expression but strives to bring teammates together for one another. 

Stang said her favorite part of being in the band, aside from the connections, is the feeling she gets performing on game days. Even though she has to wake up early to get ready, and practice before the game begins she expressed that it is worth it to feel the rush of performing.

“Performing in front of a crowd of students and fans is exhilarating,” Stang said. “I love the atmosphere of performance for color guard especially.”


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