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Model Entertainment shares their purpose at GV

Courtesy | Model Entertainment

Model Entertainment is a student organization at Grand Valley State University for inspiring models, photographers and fashion designers. The organization offers a creative space to students attending GVSU and encourages them to pursue their own modeling careers.

A large part of the organization is the notion that the models get​​ to explore their creativity and have control over their own creative visions. 

“Model Entertainment’s mission is to provide opportunities for students who are interested in modeling, fashion, fashion design, photography and the beauty industry. We aim to provide student models with the opportunity to enhance their skills and talents, through fashion shows and beauty seminars,” said Aisha Jones, President of Model Entertainment. “Additionally, we desire to promote unity and diversity- embracing student models regardless of shape, size and ethnicity.” 

Model Entertainment meets on campus weekly. The meetings are filled with exercises and games centered around modeling and aim to spark creativity.

One common game played at meetings is called “Model of the Week.”During this game, members are given a prompt and told to model with a partner or object, get creative and take interesting or artistic pictures that showcase the prompt given to them during the meeting. The pictures are then posted to the Model Entertainment Instagram, where people can vote for who they thought captured the most interesting photos. This winner is then crowned “Model of the Week.” The purpose of this game is for the members to practice modeling with various types of objects and people. They hope these activities allow the members more creative freedom over their own modeling images. 

The organization also holds beauty seminars on several different topics related to styling different looks and makeup techniques. The organization also holds fashion shows to showcase their work throughout the semesters.

During the fashion show, there are also dance performances to give the models time to change their outfits. A typical show has eight routines totaling to be a two-hour event. Photographers and videographers capture the models getting their hair and makeup done which creates more “backstage” content for the models’ portfolios.  Additionally, they capture pictures and videos during the show.

Many students have gotten a start to their modeling careers by joining Model Entertainment. 

“It’s always good to have different opportunities to showcase your talents and to provide the means to do so. This can also help be a platform for everyone to come together, exchange ideas and push creative boundaries,” Jones said.

For Jones, Model Entertainment holds an important spot in her life. 

“Model Entertainment provides a space for aspiring men and women of color to be able to learn what it means to be a model and showcase their talent, collaborate with different organizations and jobs around campus and gain practical experience in modeling that they can take farther in the future,” Jones said. “This is important at GVSU because it serves as a platform for students to network and build connections. It offers them a supportive community of other Black students to come together and showcase Black excellence through fashion shows and photoshoot opportunities.”


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