Winter does not need to be so bleak

Chris Slattery

Winter is so depressing. There’s never anything to do, it’s cold, and Jersey Shore has just started its new season.

But let us go back to that initial complaint: ‘there’s never anything to do.’ When I experienced my first winter in Allendale, I could only agree. What could there possibly be in this town that would provide any form of entertainment?

As it turns out, there is not a whole lot of Allendale – or even Grand Rapids – related fun for the under-21 crowd or anyone without a lot of disposable money, as bars and movie theatres are very expensive. My hometown of Grand Ledge was much the same way, despite its many grand bridges.

So when there are no beaches to swim at and hanging out with friends at your dorm does not quite cut it, what can you do when Jack Frost does not want to play?

This question forces students at Grand Valley State University to get creative and, heaven forbid, sacrifice whatever shreds of self-respect remain after that horrifying display of beer pong disability last weekend.

Here is a short list of possible amusements to be had during these frigid months:

* Sledding. Allendale has an incredible assortment of large/steep/potentially-fatal hills, and many of them exist within the GVSU campus. It’s not much to purchase a $5 sled from Meijer or even craft your own from a trashcan lid for what could be three more months of amusement. It may sound childish, but fun knows no boundaries, unlike one particular hill that has very definite (and solid) ones.

* Snowball fights. Have some built-up rage against the person living a few doors down from you? Give your foe a piece of your mind in the form of a sphere of frozen precipitation. This activity also makes the post-game hot chocolate party so much more worth it.

Could this be the answer to stop world violence?

* Wall decoration contest. Not interested in braving the unforgiving weather? Show of your artistic side by decorating a wall in your house. I’ve seen Mario made out of sticky notes, walls lined with strings of rubber bands and even a mural of drawings symbolizing each person in a group of friends. You don’t have to be an art major to make a masterpiece out of old Four Loko cans; they may stop being returnable soon.

* Hockey games. You don’t have to travel to Detroit to see a hockey game. The Grand Rapids Griffins play just a spit away, although I wouldn’t recommend spitting—it’s a nasty habit.

Winter can be boring, but between classes, jobs and complaining that there is nothing to do, you can always find something to do. Learn to solve a Rubik’s cube, put on a movie marathon, come up with your own fun. Have a very Calvin & Hobbes winter.

Jersey Shore can’t entertain you forever, so have a winter situation that would make Snooki jealous.

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