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Content creation workshop explores passion on a budget

GVL/ Annabelle Robinson

The Digital Creator Lab in the Grand Valley State University’s Knowledge Market held a content creation workshop on Sept. 19. “Intro to Content Creation for Social Media.” The workshop was part of an ongoing event series, presented by the Digital Creator Lab and Atomic Object Technology Showcase, that aims to help students interested in pursuing video content creation and podcasting. 

The workshop series works to empower and educate individuals interested in content creation to learn skills that can be beneficial throughout their careers. Students are able to receive resources and to meet and network with others pursuing work in fields related to media, production and technology during sessions.

The workshop also encourages conversation regarding ways to pursue content creation and overcome challenges that beginners may encounter. Justin Melick, coordinator of the workshop, said many content creators pay a large amount of money for clear audio and studio time. Instead of these more expensive options, Melick said there are alternative and free apps that include voice isolation filters that sound like professional studio recordings. Envato Elements and Adobe applications were recommended to students as well as free alternatives such as CapCut and YouTube’s editing software. 

“You record audio and then it (Adobe AI) will use AI to analyze background noise like birds chirping or cars driving,” Melick said. “It’ll make your recording sound like a ten-thousand-dollar professional podcasting session.” 

Andre Rodgers, a student who attended the workshop, has been a YouTuber for three years. He said utilizing free apps has allowed his content to flourish. 

“This (workshop) is important to student content creators, especially if they haven’t heard of these apps and have been spending unnecessary money,” Rogers said. “This is important because that money could be used towards things like tuition, groceries and clothes.”

Rogers also highlighted the importance of the iMovie editing app because it’s an application that is incorporated with Apple Products for free. 

In addition to iMovie, Melick said he uses the YouTube video editor and appreciates it because of its ease and accessibility. According to Melick, using YouTube for video creation allows users to integrate visual and audio elements more conveniently.

“You can go on YouTube and look anything up. For example, ‘Dancing Skeleton,’ for a background and greenscreen,” Melick said. “You can convert videos and audio to MP3 or MP4 and easily incorporate them into your videos.” 

The applications mentioned in the instructional workshop give student content creators new ways to save money while pursuing their passions for content creation. By utilizing free or low-cost apps, students may be able to more feasibly handle their everyday expenses and balance college tuition. 

During the meeting, the overall topic of daily spending and financial stress on students was brought to light. The workshop aimed to tackle how students can spread their stories and content while still managing their finances. Those in attendance were able to learn ways to modify and improve aspects of their work without spending large amounts of money. 

“Essentially, I have the opportunity to make money off of my time and effort,” Rogers said. “The opportunity (of utilizing free applications) increases my drive for creating my content (and) just being in control of how people see me.”

The next session of “Intro to Content Creation for Social Media” will be held Oct. 3 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in room LIB 216 of the Mary Idema Pew Library. Workshops will occur biweekly until Nov. 7. 

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